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Reference tools

Referencing tools are handy to organize and format references so that you can easily incorporate them in your essays, research papers, dissertations and PhD thesis. There are many terms used for such tools such as referencing software, referencing tool, reference management software, citation software, etc.
These all refer to a piece of software or an online tool that allows you to store and format references. It is very important that you choose a right tool for your research and stick to it.

Some of these tools also integrate with Statistical tools, enabling statistical analysis of your references.

Some also contain an organization tool helping you further with your writing.

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Statistical tools

Statistical software are specialized computer programs for analysis in statistics and econometrics. The emergence of statistical software has undoubtedly contributed enormously to the development in research studies in this 21st century. 

The tools also help the researchers to easily calculate their results using statistical tests by accounting for their variables either numerical, categorical, or both.

Quantitative stastical analysis
As quantitative research grows, application of statistical software (SS) becomes a more crucial part of data analysis. Researchers are experiencing a transition from manual analysis with paper to more efficient digital/electronic analysis with statistical software.

Qualitativ statistical analysis
Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) is a term that refers to a category of computer programs that have been developed specifically to aid researchers in completing a range of tasks associated with analysis and interpretation of qualitative data.
These CAQDAS tools help with transcription analysis, coding and text interpretation, recursive abstraction, content analysis, discourse analysis,[1] grounded theory methodology, etc.
Advantages of CAQDAS include efficient management of data and transparency in analysis.

Some of these tools integrate well reference tools, enabling statistical analysis of your references.

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Development tools

Software development tools are basically computer programs, and they usually run on personal computers, helping the programmer (or system developer) to create and/or modify or test applications programs.

An important part here is code optimization.
Code optimization is any method of code modification to improve code quality and efficiency. A program may be optimized so that it becomes a smaller size, consumes less memory, executes more rapidly, or performs fewer input/output operations.

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As technology advances and work methods and strategies improve, everyone needs to align with these changes in knowledge, skills, values, and abilities. One of the best ways to enhance knowledge and skills is through training.

Getting yourself relevant and consistent training can help you improve performance and increase results in your job. It is also very satisfying to have the know-how.

We happily buy the software but hesitate to take the cost to learn the software. Nevertheless, training is an investment, not an expense!
Or, as the saying goes - “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”

At Alfasoft, all trainers know the software and have professional experience using it.

Reference tools


Manage your references
Did you know that researchers waste nearly 200,000 hours per year formatting citations? EndNote accelerates your research process and check your references for retractions.

Article Galaxy

Get your references
Article Galaxy provide one-click access to the universe of scholarly journal content. Filtering against your Open Access, subscriptions, publisher pay-per-view tokens and even full-text rentals.

Statistical tools

Powerful research, simplified

More than just a tool for organizing and managing data, NVivo offers an intuitive qualitative data analysis experience that helps you uncover deeper research insights.

See the big picture fast with NVivo, the most powerful software for gaining richer insights from qualitative and mixed-methods data.

Quick, precise transcription

When conducting qualitative research, transcribing interviews and other audio/video files is essential, but can be extremely time-consuming. With powerful automated transcription, you gain the freedom to focus on analyzing your data.

Transcription has never been more flexible. Transcribe audio and video files and transfer them in an NVivo ready format, straight to your project. 

The standard for publication

SigmaPlot has long been the industry standard in the scientific and technical community. Create mixed graph and chart types, staples and lines, broken axis and advanced 2D and 3D charts and diagrams.

More and more researchers and engineers are realizing that with SigmaPlot, you have everything you need to present your data in a professional manner.

The complete package

Stata is a complete and powerful statistical package that is intended for researchers in all disciplines. With Stata, you get everything you need in one comprehensive package. Thanks to Stata easy to use environment, which is built around the concept of point-and-click, intuitive command language and online help; you will quickly be able to start using this advanced tool. All analysis and results can then be reproduced and documented for your publications.

Development tools

Create true native apps

Embarcarderos development tools include app development suite for developers that need to create true native apps for PCs, tablets, and smartphones and get them to market fast. You manage one codebase, one team, and one schedule without sacrificing performance. Develop native apps for iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Streamline your code

Intel Software’s tools can help you at every stage of the development process – build, analysis, debugging and tuning. Accelerate application performance to increase reliability and scalability. Transform code into high-performance solutions for distributed processing and HPC environments, making your applications even more efficient and amazing.

Clean quality code

JetBrains specializes in intelligent, productivity-enabling tools to help you write clean, quality code across .NET, C#, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, platforms throughout all stages of development.

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