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Please find below the recordings and resources from our online demo days held on April 21-22, 2021. Learn something new and find your questions answered by our software experts.

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Webinar Recordings and Resources

09-10: EndNote 20

How to get started with the new EndNote 20 and your reference management. Learn how to create a new library. Learn how to import references and full-text articles (PDFs) from online databases. Learn how to Cite-While-You-Write in your Word documents and how to generate a bibliography in your chosen journal style.

10-11: NVivo

Enhance qualitative data analysis and unlock new insights with NVivo. Set up a project in NVivo and start your data analysis – alone or in a team. We will show you how to code and classify your data and then explore your findings with queries and visualization tools.

11-12: Signals Notebook

ChemDraw enabled ELN for efficient data capture, search and  collaboration. In this webinar, we will explore the cloud-native SignalsNotebook focusing on data capture, search and collaboration across use cases from multiple scientific areas.

12-13: WirisQuizzes

Discover how WirisQuizzes and MathType expands the possibilities of Math and STEM assessments. WirisQuizzes adds random variables to your questions and takes care of the grading, giving you more free time to focus on content and students' progression.

13-14: SIMULIAworks

Introducing SIMULIAworks. A showcase of simulation functionality harnessing the Abaqus solvers integrated on a cloud-based platform to provide a high-level overview of virtual testing solutions to industry applications.

14-15: Mathcad Prime 7.0

Mathcad lets engineers document their calculations with dynamic, unit-aware calculations. This live demonstration will give you a quick introduction to the basics of Mathcad and how to perform and document all your calculations.

15-16: Delphi

From Data Scientists to Chief Technical Officers - It's not just programmers who are choosing Delphi. Learn how users the world over are gaining from the latest features in RAD Studio 10.4.2. Reach billions of users on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

16-17: Design-Expert

Design of Experiments (DOE) made easy with Design-Expert®. Design-Expert® software empowers experimenters to quickly converge on the combination of variables where all required process parameters and product attributes are achieved, that is, the "sweet" spot.

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