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Please note that the times are given in CEST (Central Europe Summer Time). 
14 CEST (Sweden/Germany) = 1 PM GMT+1 (UK/Ireland) = 15 EEST (Finland)

09-10: EndNote - How to Manage your References and PDFs

Get started with EndNote 21 and learn the basics. This webinar will teach you how to set up your library, import references and PDF documents, and cite-while-you-write in Word.

  • How to create a new library
  • Import references and PDFs
  • Library management
  • CWYW (Cite While You Write) in Word
10-11: NVivo - Enhanced Collaboration with NVivo 14

With NVivo 14 and Collaboration Cloud you can now collaborate in real-time with your colleagues, even across platforms. Work seamlessly and simultaneously on your qualitative data in NVivo 14 from Windows and Mac - without the need to convert projects. Importing, coding, and exploring your qualitative data can now be done simultaneously in one NVivo project file.

In this session, we will explain and demonstrate the enhanced Cloud Collaboration function in NVivo 14 as well as the advanced integration with Citavi.

11-12: Citavi - Organizing knowledge with Citavi

In this webinar we will see how simple it is with Citavi to extract information from pdf documents, and how to collect your notes and comments on individual passages as well as your own ideas and thoughts. All those elements can then be structured in a meaningful way, which speeds up the writing and publication process, and at the same time gives you full control over the accumulated knowledge without ever forgetting anything or losing track of individual items, even in large projects like a PhD thesis.

  • Analyse your PDFs and extract direct and indirect quotations, summaries, and your comments
  • Create notes with your own ideas and thoughts
  • Structure the collected elements in a meaningful way
  • Quickly find everything when you need it during the writing process
  • Publish your work with formatted quotations and citations
12-13: Stata - Fundamentals for top quality publications

Based on a top impact factor journal article, this webinar will teach you how to 1) read data, 2) produce a table of descriptive statistics, 3) conduct multivariable regression analysis, and 4) visualise a mix of data and statistics. 

  • Read/Import data from different formats
  • Present stratified descriptive statistics
  • Estimate multivariable logistic regression models
  • Examine non-linearities for continuous predictors
  • Post-estimation commands for confidence intervals, test of hypothesis, and prediction
  • Customise a publication quality graph combining data and statistics
13-14: SigmaPlot - Data visualization and statistics with SigmaPlot

SigmaPlot is recognized as one of the easiest tools to use for data vizualization and data analysis. Learn how to create scientific graphs and statistical reports with SigmaPlot in this webinar.

  • Overview about the different graph types in SigmaPlot
  • Recommendations when to use which graph type
  • How to chose the appropriate statistical test
14-15: Signals Notebook and ChemDraw - State-of-the-art solutions for efficient data capture and communication

This presentation will focus on two state-of-the-art solutions: the cloud native ELN Signals Notebook & ChemDraw.

You are still capturing your results on paper or spend hours drawing your molecules? Then you can´t miss this presentation focussing on efficient data capture as well as ChemDraw tricks. Latest developments, both for ChemDraw v22 as well as for Signals Notebook, will be summarized as well.

15-16: XLSTAT - Introduction to XLSTAT

This webinar, we will give you an overview of XLSTAT, a statistical software that covers a wide variety of applications, from basic statistics to sensory data analysis, marketing research analysis, and more.

Through live exercises we will introduce XLSTAT by Setting up a Descriptive Statistics analysis, and an ANOVA (or PCA).

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