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You are working with qualitative or mixed-method data and want more efficient, coherent, or transparent analysis! You are overwhelmed by the amount, or mix of data types and need to know how to get started? You are doing your PhD and are required to use QDA-Software, and are looking for guidance on how to use it?

Our courses are perfect for everyone who wants to learn how to use NVivo, how to successfully build a new project and explore and visualize their data.

All our trainers are experienced qualitative researchers and are authorised NVivo experts and licensed NVivo trainers. 

All you need is a computer with internet access and audio to participate!

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Main session, group sessions, individual session... we combine it all!!

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Book a training for only your group or organisation. Bring everyone to the same level and start your project correct. 

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Starting a new project or already have one? Need some help to use NVivo correct or most efficent in your specific project?

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