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Take your HPC, Enterprise, AI, and Cloud applications to the max - with fast, scalable and portable parallel code.

Companies of today often have an increased need to compile more data and faster, go from serial to parallel code and to analyze the code to optimize applications and to simplify the workflow. Intel oneAPI Toolkit helps you accomplish this. 

Who Needs It: 

  • C, C++, Data Parallel C++, Fortran, Python, OpenMP, and MPI software developers and architects building HPC, enterprise, AI, and cloud solutions. 
  • Developers looking to maximize their software’s performance and flexibility to support cross architectures on current and future Intel platforms

What Intel oneAPI Toolkit Does:

  • Helps developers, researchers, and data scientists confidently develop performant code quickly and correctly, and scale compute-intensive workloads that exploit cutting-edge features Intel CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and HPC clusters.
  • Creates fast parallel code. Boost application performance that scales on current and future Intel platforms with industry-leading compilers, performance libraries, performance profilers, and code and cluster analysis tools. 
  • Builds code faster. Simplify the process of creating fast, scalable, reliable parallel code.
  • Take advantage of Intel Priority Support. Connect directly to Intel’s engineers for confidential, quick answers to technical questions. Access older versions of the products. And receive updates for a year. 

Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit -
Powerful tools for cross-architecture high performance computing

Building, analyzing, and scaling for high performance computing to get maximum performance from your compute platforms is challenging. The Intel oneAPI HPC Toolkit delivers on performance from standards-driven compilers and performance libraries, finds opportunities for optimization or use of accelerators through analysis tools, and keeps high-performance clusters running optimally.

Tools to build

• Improve performance with a simple recompile using industryleading, standards-driven C++ and Fortran compilers
• Simplify adding parallelism with built-in, intuitive, parallel models and vectorization support
• Drop in advanced libraries optimized for the latest hardware
• Accelerate diverse HPC to AI workloads with highperformance Python, powered by native performance libraries, in an integrated distribution package

Tools to analyze

• Advanced performance profiler to tune application performance of the CPU, threading, memory, and storage
• Vectorization and threading adviser to optimize vectorization and quickly prototype threading designs
• Memory and thread debugger to find memory errors and intermittent threading errors efficiently

Tools to scale

• Accelerate applications’ performance on Intel® architecture based clusters with multiple fabric flexibility
• Profile MPI applications to quickly find bottlenecks, achieving high performance for parallel cluster applications
• Verify that cluster components continue working together throughout the cluster life cycle

Intel oneAPI editions

Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit

For developers including HPC developers

Build, analyze, and scale applications across shared- and distributed- memory computing systems

Intel oneAPI Base & IoT Toolkit 

For edge device and IoT developers. 

Fast-track development of applications and solutions that run at the network's edge.

Intel oneAPI Base RenderingToolkit

For visual creators, scientists, and engineers. 

Create high-fidelity, photorealistic experience that push the boundaries of visualization.

Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit

For developers including C/C++ developers.

Develop perfomant, data-centric applications across Intel CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs with this foundational toolset.

oneAPI initiative

oneAPI is an industry initiative creating an open, standards-based, cross-architecture programming model to simplify development for a wide range of data-centric workloads across a variety of architectures (CPU, GPU, FPGA, and other accelerators). It includes industry-leading C++ and Fortran compilers, standards-driven OpenMP support, MPI library and benchmarks, and advanced analysis tools for design, MPI, cluster tuning, and cluster health checking to enhance uptime and productivity.

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